About Us

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The Assarain Textiles LLC's vision statement is as follows

Assarain Textile weaves the promise of excellence and elegance into the fabric of trust and comfort at all times.

The Assarain Textiles LLC's Mission is as follows

  • Prioritize customer satisfaction by offering customized total textile solutions, exquisite craftsmanship and tailoring excellence to our valued patrons.
  • Take technology and innovation in our stride and adapt global best practices in the textile and fabric industry to always offer fresh designs and trends.
  • Reinforce our bonds with our associates and work together seamlessly as we honor our shared commitment to deliver the very best.



Trust: Earning the trust and respect of all our stakeholders through our unwavering commitment to excellence.

EXcellence: Promoting an attitude of excellence in all aspects of quality - be it in fixing a button or presenting the final suit.

Teamwork: Working in harmony and inspiring each other to achieve our collective goal.

Innovation: Being creative and striving to be a cut above the rest.

Leadership: Leading by example and maintaining our position of leadership in regional markets.

Elegance: Exquisite craftsmanship by our expert tailors renders elegance and a classic finesse to our range. This ensues from the clarity that our customers expect and deserve the very best.

Safety: Protecting the well-being of our employees.