At Assarain Textiles, we put in efforts to build capability and competence that will fuel career growth. We achieve this by creating a mechanism by which our team members are empowered to make informed decisions and experience a greater sense of ownership. Opportunity is one of the biggest advantages we offer our people. For individuals who show the spark, the organization is committed towards nurturing them for leadership roles. We believe business improvement can also be a bottom-up approach, and our persistent support to employee development has helped us improve productivity at our units. We put in consistent efforts towards their betterment and provide myriad opportunities for each employee to grow within the organization. Our workforce is provided with the necessary support to progress on their learning and development plans, thus making them more effective in performing their current role and equipping them for taking on greater responsibilities in the organization. 

We look forward to welcoming those who can adapt and thrive in challenging situations: people who believe in innovation, are driven towards continuous improvement and are invigorated by bringing about change, individuals who are enterprising, ambitious, persevering and responsible, and who are capable of making an impact with their contribution. 

We appreciate your interest in exploring career opportunities with us. We are on the lookout for people with different perspectives, ideas, experiences and exposure to help us keep on reinventing ourselves. If you’re thrilled by the idea of carving a niche for yourself, and are passionate about excellence, we would love to connect with you. Applications are welcome from skilled and deserving candidates.

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