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Assarain Tech-styles

Assarain Tech-styles

Raymond has created the world’s finest worsted suiting fabric from the finest wool ever produced in the world – the Super 250s fabric made of 11.4 micron wool and we take pride in exclusively offering such masterpieces to our clientele in Oman, who we believe, truly deserve the very best!

A trendsetter and an innovator in the Omani textile market, our expertise has been brought forth by our in-house research and development team which puts in significant efforts to understand and anticipate regional needs. The innovations we offer have become milestones in the worsted suiting industry. Holding our own in-house design, fabrication and tailoring divisions, we employ a team of specialized master tailors and designers, each member exclusively trained by Raymond Limited fashion experts in India.

Our innovative designs are infused with superior quality and service, all backed by expert professionals: a simple formula that has allowed Assarain Textiles LLC to flourish over the past two and a half decades, and that will allow us to continue to grow hand in hand with the Sultanate of Oman.
Our well-trained craftsmen, designers and tailors are tech-savvy and proactively utilize the latest machinery and textile technology to deliver customized apparel solutions. We have invested in contemporary top-end sewing machines, buttonhole machines, button fixing machines and the likes to achieve flawless stitching and finishing.