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Top Management

At Assarain Textiles LLC, through our association with Raymond, we are happy to offer fully finished products that span various garment categories. Today we are recognized as a pioneer in offering worsted suitings of a plethora of designs and colors of suiting fabrics, which are retailed through our two showrooms in Muscat. 

What distinguishes us from our competitors is our innovative approach to understanding customer preferences and style trends. To mention a few examples - plans are in the pipeline to foray into the iconic Dishdasha fabric and tailoring segment. It would be a matter of great prestige to contribute towards further popularizing Omani men’s national dress by way of offering it in superior fabrics, designed to enhance the comfort quotient.  We are also planning to offer concierge services. 

Rarely do our showrooms come across customers who leave without making a purchase. The pricing of our products has never been a challenge for us, as our high-end customers perceive the true value of excellence and superior quality.

Most of our patrons come in and repose their full faith in the premium fabrics and the palette of colors and designs we offer. In tune with the axiom, “Clothes make the man”, Assarain Textiles truly attires the Omani gentleman!