Raymond is the world's largest producer of worsted suiting fabrics commanding over 60% market share in India. With a capacity of 38 million meters, we are among the few companies in the world, fully integrated to manufacture worsted fabrics, wool & wool blended fabrics. We also convert these fabrics into suits, trousers and apparels that are exported to over 55 countries in the world; including European Union, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia amongst others.

A trendsetter and an innovator in the Indian textile market, our expertise has been brought forth by our in-house research & development team. Their innovations have become milestones in the worsted suitings industry.

We mastered the craft of producing the finest suiting in the world using super fine wool count (from 80s to 250s) and blending the same with superfine polyester and other specialty fibres, like Cashmere, Angora, Alpaca, Pure wool and Linen.

Raymond has created the world’s finest worsted suiting fabric from the finest wool ever produced in the world – the Super 250s fabric made of 11.4 micron wool.

Today we are recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing worsted suitings in India, producing nearly 20,000 designs and colours of suiting fabrics, which are retailed through over 3,000 stores in over 400 towns across India.

From fabric to fine tailored clothing, Silver Spark Apparel Ltd. marks the Group's foray into the global apparel market.